To metamorphose is to transform. This site is an exploration of change (why we avoid it, how we can achieve it, who inspires us along the way) and the conditions required for transformation. Founded and curated by Simran Sethi.

Begin. Again.

The task:

To put into words the pain and frustration that I have been feeling about social injustice and the degradation of our planet - and articulate engaging and real strategies to help bridge growing divides. I see small bridges being built every day in Kansas and am stunned we aren’t using these same tactic on a larger scale.  

Why Me?

What hubris to think I can help, huh? Maybe. I actually think we all can - and should. For many years, I thought it was science and reams of research that convinced people to change. In MBA School, I was taught it was all about the benjamins and became well-versed in risk management, brand building, efficiencies and low hanging fruit. When I got out of school and back into media, the trendiness of sustainability loomed large. Everybody’s doing it. Cameron, Leo, all the Fortune 500s. 

What happened?

Why didn’t those tactics work? 

Maybe because we tried to engage in ways that are not enduring. No one has a deep relationship with data points or balance sheets. We have connections to people, to our community, to what we hold sacred. This is my humble exploration of those deep places: the values we hold, the identities we present, the thick relationships in our lives.

We are in a place of such pain, but I know we can harness all that energy into taking care of each other. I know it because it’s already happening. You see it, too. Now we just have to figure out a way to activate it in bigger and deeper ways. Thank you for joining me.

Let’s begin.    


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